1543: keyboard shortcuts for main application views (individual review and dashboard)

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I'd really appreciate keyboard shortcuts in the main application view, as opposed to only in the 
diff viewer.  Here are some of the operations I'd like to have shortcuts for:

Within an individual review screen:
(1) going to the diff view
(2) opening the review window
(3) doing a "ship it" instantly
(4) marking as submitted instantly

In the dashboard screen:
(1) moving between reviews on the dashboard (a la gmail's cursor with vim-bindings: j,k)
(2) marking of reviews for an action (this ties into the previous cursor option, and relates to 
another bug I'll file requesting the ability to provide bulk operations)

The motivation is to avoid clicking so much when I'm going through reviews. 

e.g., after I'm done reading a diff using the convenient keyboard shortcuts, and I've decided to 
give it a "ship it", I'd really like to just send the "ship it" with a keyboard shortcut, instead of:
 (a) navigating to the top of the window, 
 (b) using my mouse to click the "review" button,
 (c) typing shift-tab to move to the "ship it" checkbox
 (d) hitting space-bar to click the box
 (e) typing tab, tab to get to the "publish review" button
 (f) hitting the space bar again

What operating system are you using? What browser?

reviewboard server is installed on Solaris (will migrate to Linux soon).
Clients are Linux and Mac.  
Browsers are Chrome and Firefox.

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#1 chipx86
Maybe in 2.0.
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#2 zitra*****@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
Could there also be an option in preferences for disabling keyboard shortcuts altogether ? It annoys me that it overrides my default browser shortcuts.
#3 chipx86
Can you file that as a separate request? It's hard to manage feature requests that contain several different tasks.
#4 david
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#5 david
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