1436: Figure out a way to get the submitted reviews of inactive users back on people's dashboards

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Feb. 18, 2014

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Issue 1290 changed the dashboard so that inactive users reviews do not 
show up on the dashboard. While I think this is a good idea for pending 
reviews I think it is a bad idea for submitted ones. Several times we have 
wanted to look back at the submitted reviews of inactive users. We often 
use old reviews for hunting down exactly where a bug was introduced or to 
insure the submitted code matches the reviewed code after a bug was found.
However if we want to go back to look at the submitted reviews we first 
have to bring the user back to active and remember to change the password 
since they left the company ( and ofter the email address, name, etc).

It would be nice to have a feature where the user is not active, but 
allows the reviews to be seen. Another possibility is if a user is deleted 
showing all the reviews by that user with some generic stand in name.

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Fixed in master (5739a49). This will ship with 2.0 beta 3.
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