1392: Right-to-left language support

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It'd be nice if the Hebrew text was displayed right-to-left. (in general,
this can be done with CSS style direction:rtl) This means that it's
right-aligned, but also that the order of the words is right-to-left. (This
is generally relevant when Hebrew text is mixed with English text.)

Motivation - My colleagues and I speak Hebrew and prefer writing code
reviews in Hebrew, and this can partially reverse the word order in our
code reviews.

This is relevant to text already posted, but it'd also be nice if there
were an option to make textboxes be right-to-left by default. (I think
setting direction:rtl on them does this.) Otherwise, you'd have to hit
CTRL-SHIFT in IE or Right click > Switch text direction in FF, every time
you want to write a right-to-left comment etc. (For a Hebrew-speaking
Review Board user, "every time" will probably be "always".)

What operating system are you using? What browser?
Windows. Firefox.

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