1200: ship-it counter doesn't work as expected (always zero) [fix inside]

marc****@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
Sept. 3, 2009
What version are you running?
reviewboard v1.0

What's the URL of the page containing the problem?

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. review a review-request and ask to 'ship-it' the code
2. refresh the dashboard => the ship-it has not been updated

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?
The ship-it column should have been increased

What operating system are you using? What browser?
os : n/a
database: mysql 5.1.30
django: 1.0.2

Please provide any additional information below.
as adviced in the django documentation 
(http://docs.djangoproject.com/en/dev/topics/db/sql/) the new increment_ship_it 
method from reviews/models.py should commit the database update.
adding *transaction.commit_unless_managed()* just after the *cursor.execute(...)* 
has solved this issue on my server.
#1 onkar******@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)
I believe this is similar to the problem we are seeing. Apparently on our
installation the shipit count does not get incremented at all, no matter the status
of review request (pending or submitted).
#2 chipx86
Can you please supply a patch to http://reviews.review-board.org/ ?
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#3 marc****@gmai***** (Google Code) (Is this you? Claim this profile.)

   submitted here: http://reviews.review-board.org/r/1021/

Best Regards,

Marc Bee
#4 david
Committed to release-1.0.x and master. Thanks!
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