4715: Notify someone on tool error


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Add an optional "owner" of a tool (or configuration?) and add the ability to have them emailed on error (hopefully with the traceback).

This will shorten the cycle from review published to tool owner seeing the cause of an internal error (as of now, the review publisher would need to notify the tool owner, which may/may not be obvious, and then they have to go find the worker that errored).

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#1 jcannon

Not 100% on how this one would be implemented.
The workers are the one handling the "error", but the extension itself would be the emailer. That tells me there would have to be some hand-off of information. extra_data might help, but does anything server-side for the extension run? (Is there any kind of Rest API listener the extension could register?)
Or there could also be a REST-ful way for the worker to email as well.

#2 jcannon

Signals could be added for status_updates (which users might want regardless) and then the ReviewBot Extension could instantiate a SignalHook that would email some stored info in extra_data if the state is error.

#3 jcannon