4666: Run integrations after conditions changed


What version of Review Bot are you using?

1.0 and RB 3.0.3

Which tool(s) does this relate to?

All (pmd, checkstyle or later jenkins)

Describe the enhancement and the motivation for it.

Sometimes a review group will be added after initial publish of a review request. As we have a lot of different pmd/checkstyle/jenkins configurations it should be possible to run a review bot tool later.

Any sometimes jenkins uses a lot of time. So we decided to add a "jenkins" user later and add the condition "start jenkins job if user jenkins was added as review user". So review board should start that review bot tool if not already started if the conditions mets.

Please provide any additional information below.

Create a review bot tool with condition "run if review group 'example'".
Create a review request with default reviewer group "other_example". Go to review request with browser add invite "example" review group.

That review bot tool should start after "example" was added.

Nothing..... review bot tool will start if condition is met during creation only.

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