4648: Drop old issues on new issues


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If one or more tools will add a lot of issues (say 10 to 30) it will be added to the existing issues. This is ok... as long as the submitter do not fix all issues immediately. We have the problem that a submitter got 100 to 300 issues because he renamed some files and the "only modified issues" won't work. Also he changed some tiny stuff and posted again. So the same issues will be opened again and again.

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Solution would be to drop als "open" issues of the same review bot user. Say bot user "bot" posted 50 issues of diffset 1. The user clicked "fixed" for 10 issues and posted a new diffset.
The next reviewbot run of user "bot" should drop all other "40" issues of his previous review and add the new issues.

Of course the drop should only occurs just before it posts the updates for the issues because an "internal error" of a review bot run would drop all issues without adding new ones.

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See https://hellosplat.com/s/beanbag/tickets/4709/

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